Mergers and Acquisitions & Strategic Investments

The Flowers Counsel Group's M&A services are robust and flexible to accommodate the broad needs of our clients. Unlike our competitors, our firm's M&A services are designed to assist our clients in achieving a strategic partnership, acquisition or divestiture through innovative business structures and agreements. Relying on our expertise in procurement and commercial agreements, our M&A services provide our clients with a major resource in ensuring that the M&A transaction results in the desired impact upon the supply chain.

Since many of the investments and acquisitions of our clients remain private and confidential, the firm is unable to provide a detailed list of our M&A activity. Our clients value our commitment to confidentiality to ensure that competitive investments made on their behalf are discreet. However, the firm is involved in a broad range of merger and acquisitions activity. Specifically, strategic investments, corporate divestitures and acquisitions remain an integral part of our M&A product offering.