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Practice Areas

Recognized for our strong procurement practice, The Flowers Counsel Group advises public and private clients on major strategic purchases across a variety of product and service categories. Our procurement expertise enables our clients to achieve a competitive advantage by focusing on cost savings and contractual terms to minimize supply-chain risks and ensure performance by critical suppliers.

While the procurement expertise the firm provides is very broad and expansive, the firm’s procurement practice is comprised of these three areas:


Ranging from simple consulting agreements to sophisticated engineering agreements, our legal procurement services include affinity and brand agreements, contractor agreements, consulting agreements, form agreements, master services agreements, outsourced agreements, request for proposals (RFPs), and general service agreements.


The firm recognizes the importance of specialized technology procurement services and our technology procurement practice is designed to meet our clients’ growing need to procure complicated, high-end technology services and goods. Our technology procurement legal services include development agreements, web portal agreements, Software and a Service (SaaS) agreements, form agreements, joint venture agreements, intellectual property outsourcing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and license agreements.


Our MPGG procurement practice assists clients in acquiring key materials, products and goods required for integration in their supply chain. Our MPGG procurement legal services include bid packages, contract negotiations and settlements, material acquisitions agreements, letters of intent, master services agreements, product agreements, purchase orders, statements of work and terms and conditions review.

Leveraging our business experience, legal expertise and innovative solutions into a full-client service package, The Flowers Counsel Group provides our national and international clients with corporate transactional legal services to meet the complex business requirements of the 21st-century global economy. Our clients value our ability to deliver innovative legal solutions in today’s fast-paced business environment and it is our goal is to be your “first-choice firm” in providing legal representation in sophisticated transactions. The firm’s seasoned attorneys will provide your corporation, institution of higher learning or non-profit organization with a broad array of corporate transactional services to accomplish the desired strategic objective.

Recognizing that the volume of corporate transactions required to conduct daily operations is growing, the firm provides our clients with technology-based solutions to track the status of agreements assigned to us. Additionally, the firm is equipped to manage the daily flow of contractual agreements on behalf of those clients that choose to allocate their in-house legal resources (if available) to other matters. From our view, each corporate transaction presents a unique opportunity for our clients to achieve their desired objective and it is our goal to provide an exceptional level of legal service.

The Flowers Counsel Group’s M&A services are robust and flexible to accommodate the broad needs of our clients. Unlike our competitors, our firm’s M&A services are designed to assist our clients in achieving a strategic partnership, acquisition or divestiture through innovative business structures and agreements. Relying on our expertise in procurement and commercial agreements, our M&A services provide our clients with a major resource in ensuring that the M&A transaction results in the desired impact upon the supply chain.

Since many of the investments and acquisitions of our clients remain private and confidential, the firm is unable to provide a detailed list of our M&A activity. Our clients value our commitment to confidentiality to ensure that competitive investments made on their behalf are discreet. However, the firm is involved in a broad range of merger and acquisitions activity. Specifically, strategic investments, corporate divestitures and acquisitions remain an integral part of our M&A product offering.

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, our nation’s corporate governance capital, The Flowers Counsel Group assists corporations and institutions in the private sector in developing corporate governance and operating practices to comply with applicable state and federal laws. Our firm provides our clients (including corporate boards of directors) with advice and practical corporate governance solutions based upon the ever-changing and evolving regulatory environment. Our clients value our experience and counsel on a variety of issues facing today’s corporate leaders. Additionally, we constantly monitor and update our clients on changes in laws, rules and regulations that may impact their business operations.

Our corporate governance services include, among other things, corporate formation and dissolution advice, corporate law counseling (including fiduciary duties of directors), corporate opinions, dissolutions, governing documents review and corporate compliance audits.

Representative Clients

 The firm is very proud of each of our clients. Here’s a sampling of who we serve:

Academic & Non-profit


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